Maarten van der Ven

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The Netherlands


year original title English title credits
director Dwight Fagbamila
key cast Yannick Jozefzoon, Joy Verberk, Claude Musungayi, Janneke Remmers
writers Dwight Fagbamila & Kim Kokosky Deforchaux
DOP Aziz Al-Dilaimi
music Kaveh Vares
sound Hein Verhoeven & Boek Bouwmeester
editing Emiel Nuninga
production design Robert van der Hoop
writer/director Robert Jan Westdijk
key cast Leopold Witte, Tim Linde, Helen Belbin, Julie McLellan, Miles Jupp
music: The Waterboys /Mike Scott
DOP Alex Wuijts
production design Joery Verweij
sound Erik Griekspoor
editing Ruben van der Hammen


year occupation country